Diary is like the sun. The sun burns into the latent desired accesses of the body starved for months and months to envelop these precious times of afternoon .. lull prevails about us, stills us into contemplation and thought .. many absurd ideas flourish again within, many of merit too .. but thought prevails ever .. it bludgeons one into silence and quiet .. there is noise about .. noise of verbs and herbs .. of tastes and that to be devoured .. of identities and personnel, of strange associations and linkages .. of first time meetings and culinary disguises .. BUT .. unmoving it simply weaves itself away from that which seems prevalent, but not, stamping upon egos, destroying associations spoken and unspoken both .. and the end coming in the mirth, so unexpected and evolved .. It all seems unrelated and perhaps coming from a sleep induced me .. NO .. there is sense and meaning and no imagination .. it would be wise to put the correct perspective in such matters before one forgets its reason .. and so, often, there needs to be another DAY blog to perhaps explain what the text spelt itself out .. what references were made and where and the how and wherefore be they in todays’ context .. for time shall take away rather swiftly those cells that protect memory .. and we shall be left with passing images and no reason and names .. Yes this needs serious delivery and concern .. Right .. !! there is consternation and anger and hurt in many, on many issues of the surroundings, that prevail about us .. solutions and assessments abound .. the pros and cons give deliverance, but none that can be viewed with any seriousness, for the results of such cannot be understood .. for the moment at least .. Time therefore shall tell .. time always does .. They say time shall move and shall move away from all that time was dictating to us what has been believed through ages .. but times moving is defined by many as not moving at all .. time does not move they say .. it strikes 12 each day and comes back to 12 .. it is constant they say .. what moves is us .. we move from one clutch to another .. we readjust to whatever we may need to overcome .. we do it all .. we move .. time does not .. but without its realisation, we are happy with the accusation to the vagaries of time .. Time stands still and constant ALWAYS .. we have to move .. move from one thought to another, from one situation to another, from one issue to another .. evaluating all the time, what we wronged then to not repeat what we righted now .. Do not give in to time .. you give in to constancy .. we need inconstancy .. we need movement and stride and displacement .. water displaced reoccupies .. we are not water, but we can reoccupy .. that is why we are human and water is chemical .. we possess chemical too, but for other reasons .. reasons that bring greater more than the definitions of chemistry books, classes in learnings and teachings .. there are times when we do not and should not use this .. external assists are welcome, but individual assists are goal scoring .. Be a scorer .. change the limits of time that does not move .. move in orbit that has been designed by you .. YOU is stronger .. as is ME .. respect and believe in it .. it shall be ELYSIUM ..

by Elisya Maranti